SINCE 2004


Guided visits by architects to architectural works


© Fernando Guerra

Within this itinerary we will have the opportunity to clearly understand how architecture manages to give unique answers to a variety of social contexts, reinterpreting concepts.

In Aveiro within the rebuilt university community we will wander through a pleasant and original space, encountering many well-known Portuguese architects: Nuno Portas, Siza, Souto Moura, Alcino Soutinho, Adalberto Dias, Vítor Figueiredo, Byrne, Manuel and Francisco Aires de Mateus, Carrilho da Graça.

With them, through their works, we will become aware of a knowledge which spreads through this estuary city. We will follow its length, appreciating some architectural works inserted in the urban patchwork, and understand how Aveiro developed without losing its freshness, harmoniously reconciled with the different phases of its growth.

Along the way, we even invite you to visit some masterpieces by Siza and Távora.