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Guided visits by architects to architectural works


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Cultour’s mission is to make Portuguese contemporary architecture known to a wider audience, who, although having no formal qualifications in architecture, wishes to know it and understand it to a greater depth.

Therefore, we have organized any will continue to organize open tours in association with institutions, architects and intervenients in the design and construction project, as well as users.

Cultour has some highlights in its curriculum, among which are the tour to the Santa Maria Church in Marco de Canavezes, with Siza Vieira, or the tours to the Municipal Football Stadium in Braga and the Tower of Burgo, with Eduardo Souto Moura. Others are foreshadowed, with special attention to those elaborated in collaboration with the House of Architecture and with hotel units destined to hostel a public linked to cultural tourism.

This space’s goal is to describe already made tours as well as to announce upcoming activities and projects.