SINCE 2004


Guided visits by architects to architectural works


Portugal is a country of history.

Lost in the westernmost edge of Europe and embraced by the sea.

A blue sea, strong and vigorous. Portugal is a country in transition.

Without ruptures, there still are artisanal ways of living, while other more global speeches are being integrated.

Many of the works of architecture born of intense dialogue with the past, accept the challenges of memory and heredity become magical spaces.

Come wander in landscape architecture, enjoy the vastness of the horizon, the hardness of stone, of different intensities of green and find little pearls in the world of interiority.

Why choose Cultour

The goal of Cultour is to reveal Portuguese contemporaneous architecture.

Each visit is drawn up in close interaction with the customer’s precise interests.

It is a company of architects directed towards everyone who is interested in Portuguese contemporaneous architecture’s culture: architecture studios, independent professionals, companies, professional societies, municipalities, investors, students, colleges and tour operators.
Cultour organizes and monitors tours to architectural works throughout the country ensuring technical and scientific rigor.

To this end, we rely on the indispensable support of author/architect studios for the preparation of the tours and the drawing up of the brochures regarding the architectural works visited. With us, areas of the building generally closed to the public can be visited.

The tours are conducted by architects in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese;

Normally, the tours are organized in modules of 4 or 8 hours; with the possibility of other different lengths when requested, and can extend for several days and different cities in the country.

We are able to complement the tour with other touring programs when requested.

There is the possibility of organizing tours about specific subjects, for instance the program’s characteristics (office buildings, universities) regarding the construction features, (such as the acoustics, environmental performance) or other interests that the customer may have. Experts will be invited to develop, in a more profound manner the chosen subject.

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