SINCE 2004


Guided visits by architects to architectural works

Urban renewal projects in Porto World Heritage Centre

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•House of the 24 (Fernando Távora)
•The Order of Architects - Head Office North (Helena Rente,José Portugal and Tiago Falcão)
•Guerra Junqueiro House Museum (Alcino Soutinho)
•Cathedral’s Social Centrer (Jorge Gigante and Francisco Melo)
•Studios for artists (Virgínio Moutinho)
•Buildings at Rua Cimo do Muro (António Moura)
•D. Tonho restaurant (A.R.Architects Lda)
•‘Gaveto’ buildings at Rua dos Mercadores and Rua S. Francisco de Bórgia (Bernardo Ferrão)
•Casa do Infante (Tasso de Sousa)
3.00 hora(s)
Meeting point: 
City centre
Guidance in english and french;
Our archiguide is the specialist António Moura.
António Júlio Cardoso e Moura is graduated in Architecture from Porto's Escola Superior de Belas Artes (1975). He works at Porto’s City Hall since 1978 and was involved in the proposal on the classification of Porto’s Historic Centre as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Author of numerous works and projects regarding Porto’s Historic Centre and other cities, as well as regeneration projects abroad (Luxembourg, Malaysia, Thailand, Cape Verde), his expertise include also researching on urban renewal projects in many European cities. Having guided many visits related to architecture and urbanism, this renowned and awarded architect will guide you through Porto’s historic centre with a solid and in-depth knowledge about all of these projects.